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We’re always on the lookout for content contributors so if you’re looking to get some free publicity or feature their expertise, feel free to submit a guest post to us.

Home and small business guest post opportunities – write for us!

Article Requirements:

  • Helpful/Informative/Interesting to ‘Home Business’, ‘Work At Home’, ‘Business Opportunity Seekers’, ‘Network Marketing/MLM’ etc type audience.
  • Must be unique and not published anywhere else. They must Pass Copyscape
  • Must not have grammar/spelling mistakes.
  • Must have a minimum word of 500, though obviously the more the better.
  • The Article must be correctly formatted, no big chunks of text. Ensure the post has 1 H1 heading (Title) and at least 2 H2 headings (Introduction and conclusion) ; and H3 headings (information, Tips, Pro’s and cons, etc. Use headings to break up your article bite-size size pieces.
  • Use bullet point, lists and short paragraphs to  make the reader experience better.
  • Fluff pieces will be rejected, don’t waste your time or ours with another internet-bloating, useless article.
  • Submit article as a pre-formatted text file so that we can just copy and paste it in, complete with an author bio. It will be posted as is, so make sure you proofread before submitting.
  • Email your completed article to contact ‘at’ homebusinesstoday.com.au and we will review and post (or reject if it’s not up to standard) within 72 hours.
  • Not all home business guest posts are posted, we will contact you if we have any issues with your submission.